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Welcome to Aria Consulting. Need to value your business? Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work on over 50 incredible projects that have allowed us to grow and establish our boutique business valuation consulting firm. We have expertise in valuing businesses, whether the business is for sale (seller's side) or for purchase (buyer's side).  We will certainly put thousands of hours of experience at your disposal. We will be happy to assist you navigate through any business opportunity or challenge you face and in making informed economic decisions.

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Buying or selling? We do business valuations. Valuation is the science of gathering and understanding financial and operational data, doing market benchmarking, and create value. With years of experience in business valuation engagements, we are ready to take your business to the next step. At Aria Consulting Group, we combine our insights on how to transform your business financial data into value. We help decision-makers understand how a valuation can be the go-to in their strategic decision-making, whether the proposed transaction is for buy-sell, to estimate the value to shareholder's equity interest, for investment or financing, or for strategic business planning. We have extensive experience in evaluating sale-purchase agreements, in assisting clients with their financial due diligence, and we partner with the most experienced corporate lawyers and tax advisors for legal complance and capital gain exposure evaluation. We have been accredited by the AICPA with the ABV credential, the highest certification for CPAs specializing in business valuation. 


Transfer pricing refers to the prices of goods and services that are exchanged between companies under common control (referred also as to related parties or affiliated entites) in different tax jurisdictions. For example, Company A and B are related parties operating in the continental United States and in Puerto Rico, respectively. Company A sells goods or renders services to Company B. The price charged by Company A to Company B is referred to as the transfer price, and such price should meet the arm's length standard. In Puerto Rico, to fully deduct intercompany charges from affiliated entities not operating in Puerto Rico in your Puerto Rico corporate tax return, the following must be done: (1) having a contemporaneous transfer pricing study on file and (2) complete form SC-6175 and file it together with your tax return. Call us to arrange a virtual presentation so you can learn more about our services, transfer pricing experience, and answer your questions. 


We have assisted clients and their legal counsel in quantifying loss profits in civil cases. We have extensive experience in implmenting generally accepted methodologies plus our business saavines to make defendable calculations and reports.

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